“Ruang Refleksi”: Insight dari Program Pendampingan Sebaya Daring di Masa Pandemi COVID-19

This report aimed to provide an overview of the Ruang Reflection Online (RRO) outcomes, a peer assistance program organized by Halo Jiwa Indonesia targeting teenagers and young adults, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period. Through this program, the principles of online peer counseling and Psychological First Aid (PFA) are sought to be combined. The result analysis indicated that most of the problems experienced by the participants were classified as personal problems, especially self-management and anxiety. Regarding the effect, participants reported positive feelings, such as relief and feelings of pleasure. The majority of participants also gave a satisfactory evaluation of RRO, in which the services were appraised to help reduce the perceived stress. This report also presented several strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from the RRO program that can be considered for the development of a similar program applying the principles of peer counseling, psychological first aid, and online psychological services which have the potential for the future, along with the development of information and communication technology.